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White Glass Tile Designs — How to Properly Remove Stains

Stains and marks can ruin the look of certain areas in your home or office that are incorporated with white glass tile designs. Whether the stains are due to crayons on the countertop, soap scum and hard water stain on the bathroom walls, these stains lessen the appeal that tiles give the room. Fret not because removing stains can be easily done using household items.

Travertine Tile Backsplash Designs — Quick and Easy Installation Procedures

Travertine tile backsplash designs, like other tiles, are not hard to install. Travertine is the result of deposition from mineral and hot springs. This type of limestone is formed from the rapid precipitation of calcium carbonate found in hot springs and limestone caves. The travertine is usually used as a building material, especially in Italy, from its first conception until today. This stone usually comes in warm colors and is valued for its ability add and instant look of sophistication to any room.

Shower Tile Patterns and Ideas — Jazzing Up Your Bathroom

Shower tile patterns can be used to jazz up any previously boring bathroom. Bathrooms are great rooms to play around with tiles. The typical bathroom which consists of a toilet, sink and shower room has now come a long way since it has been first use in 3000 BC. In the olden days, when water had a strong religious value and was seen to purify the body and soul, it was common for people to clean their selves before entering a sacred area. As the time went by and technology has made a huge impact on people and their lifestyle, the bathroom also evolved to different variations. For example, the Powder Room differs from a Shower Room where the former has only a toilet and a sink to be used by guests and is also called a “1/2 bath” or “guest bath” and the latter is a room that has a shower cubicle but no bathtub, it is also called as the “3/4 bath” in the United States. In addition, the Ensuite is a shower room that is attached to and can be accessed through a bedroom while a Jack and Jill bathroom is accessible from two rooms and has two doors.

Oceanside Glass Tile Review

Oceanside Glass Tile is one of the leading tile providers in the whole world. Their branches span the globe from the United States, where it was conceived, and as far as Russia and Germany. This company boasts of its one of a kind tile crafting process which finds the balance in the art of hand crafting and modern technology for a striking outcome. Founded in 1992, their factory has come a long way from pioneering the domestic development of hand-made glass tiles to incorporating state-of-the-art equipment for processes needing precision such as batching, cooling the molten glass and heating huge furnaces. Not only is this company proud of its produce but is prouder of the craftspeople who dedicate their selves to transforming the product by hand from start to finish creating the most beautiful tiles in the market today.

Green Glass Tile Designs — Brilliant Ideas to Give Your Home a New Look

Green glass tile designs are incorporated into various sections of homes and offices, in order to make these places look and feel fresh, elegant and unique. Since 2500 BC, glass was already used to make mosaics although it was only unit the 3rd Century BC that modern artists started making glass tiles in Persia, India and Greece. Glass tiles were created much later that clay tiles which appeared as early as 8000 BC. This late arrival of the glass tile can be accounted from the developmental barriers it had faced.  One problem it needed to solve was the need for high temperatures to melt the glass; another one is perfecting the different annealing curves for the glass. Annealing is the process of slowly cooling down the glass to remove the internal stress created during its formation. Because of the technological breakthroughs modernity has brought about, glass tiles have become more and more popular. Good qualities that have made the glass tile popular are its ability to reflect the light and its impermeability to water. However, the downside of using glass tiles it its rigidity causing it to break more easily.

Do-It-Yourself Grouting Tile Ideas — Simple Steps to a Lovely Home

Grouting tile designs are commonly integrated into certain areas of residential and business properties among other establishments. Grouts are materials for construction used to fill voids and seal joints in between tiles and connect sections of pre-cast concrete and push in rebars in masonry. It works like a mortar that hardens over time. Grouts are generally made by mixing water, sand and cement, often, they are also combined with fine gravel and color tint.